Parental Guidance


Parental Guidance


The Syndicate Management Ltd requires your consent for a child, under 18, to become a model. We will want you to fully understand and approve his or her terms of engagement. We won’t interrupt a child’s schooling and, should a model, still in education, work for us, he or she will only work with your consent and in the holidays or at weekends.



Some people set themselves up at hotels or other gathering places and claim to be linked to a reputable model agency. The “open call” or casting will, most likely, have been advertised in a local newspaper or online. Always first call the named agency to check if the casting is legitimate because few recruit models in this way. Never attend any open call unaccompanied or outside working hours. It is prohibited by law to charge up-front fees and these set ups usually do. They will claim to provide a portfolio and promise work. Usually, they take your money and disappear.

DO NOT ever pay for so called professional photographs. They are a complete waste of money and any professional fashion model agency will always want to take their own photographs.

These people claim to work for a reputable agency and may even feature the agency’s website on their information. However, mostly they will claim to have seen your profile on social media and will show an email address which purports to be at the agency. However, look closely and it will usually have a prefix or something that is unusual. Check The Syndicate Management website and our contact details. If they are in any way different, it is almost certain to be a fraud. We will never ask for your contact details or, particularly, any banking information on-line. Anyone who does is a fraud.

Studios and portfolios:

Professional model agencies have had endless complaints about many so-called model agents or studios. More often than not, there does not appear to be any real modelling work on their websites e.g. editorial or brands. This suggests that are not an agency and probably yet another ‘studio’ which puts together unnecessary, and ever cost increasing, portfolios, as many vulnerable people have discovered.

The Syndicate Management does not charge money up front. Aspiring youngsters should either apply online or simply visit the agency. If we are interested, we will take a few snaps and decide whether or not the person has potential. If so, we will provisionally take the person on and will arrange for professional, test photography. Only then will a decision be made because, for models, the camera doesn’t lie! If a person is not taken on, we will write off the cost of the shoot.

If the person is taken on, he or she (and, if relevant a parent or guardian) should be fully aware of and understand the agency’ model agreement before signing it

Social media:

A lot of unscrupulous individuals scour social networking sites. They approach youngsters under The Syndicate Management banner. They are fakes and only The Syndicate Management email or website with the suffix or .com is us. If you are in any doubt, please get in touch with us. We rarely approach people via social network sites and, if we do, we will make absolutely certain you know it is a legitimate approach.


The Syndicate Management does not, under any circumstances, use scouts who are not full-time employees of the agency. They always have ID with them. 

Never meet with anyone who says they are from The Syndicate Management other than at our offices. If you are suspicious of anyone who contacts you, get as many details as you can from them & then contact our office. If we want to contact you, it will only ever be from our Company email, .

Eating disorders:

What and how you eat affects your personality, appearance, attitude and, most important, your performance. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that you maintain a good, healthy, balanced diet. The Syndicate Management only represents fit and healthy models. Eating disorders are easy fodder for the press. That said, they are not to be taken lightly.


The Syndicate Management Team.